Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Draft Recap: Incepted Anonymous

Breakdown of 2011 Fantasy Football Draft: Incepted Anonymous

... Trying to get inside the minds of my fantasy football league.

1st Round, sixth pick overall – Michael Vick: Team Tomko

1st Round, seventh pick overall – Aaron Rodgers: Team Lumpp

Eight of the first 10 picks were running backs, with Vick and Rodgers filling out the middle of the first round and adding some diversity to the selections made in the first round. Both are strong picks and expect both to have better fantasy season than the running backs that went after them in the first round (Ray Rice, Rashard Mendenhall and LeSean McCoy). I wasn’t turned off by Vick’s 3 INT performance against the Steelers last weekend to not pull the trigger on Vick, the player who has the greatest risk/reward value in fantasy football. I don’t put much stock in preseason games and Vick will not have to face the Steelers during the regular season.

2nd Round, eleventh pick – Tom Brady: Team Guidish

To get arguably the best quarterback in the NFL in the second round will always be considered a steal. Pair him with McCoy, who was selected the pick before by Team Guidish, and the duo becomes potential the best combination of first and second round picks, while coming at 10th and 11th overall.

2nd Round, nineteenth pick – Darren McFadden: Team Sivin

Who would have thought a year ago that McFadden would be a second round pick? Now he must live up to expectations instead of floating under the radar and being a pleasant surprise to teams that drafted him in the later rounds last season.

3rd Round, twenty-third pick – Tony Romo: Team Wingenfield

This is the only pick I openly mocked during the live draft. I don’t think Team Wingenfield got good value with this selection. After seeing Brady, Phillip Rivers and Drew Brees get selected in consecutive picks in the second round, Wingenfield panicked and selected Romo instead of being patient and realizing he could have still gotten a quality quarterback in the next round. He passed up the potential playmaking of Larry Fitzgerald, Reggie Wayne, DeSean Jackson, Shonn Green and Dez Bryant. All would have been a nice addition to the pairing of Jamaal Charles and Calvin Johnson. Plus, he could have selected Matt Ryan with his fourth round pick, who I think is overall just a better quarterback than Romo. I think it was the first truly bad selection of the draft.

4th Round, thirty-eighth pick – Miles Austin: Team Wingenfield

Honestly, I’m not trying to pick on Team Wingenfield but this is another bad pick…. There is really nothing else left to say.

4th Round, fortieth pick – Matt Ryan: Team (Better) Lumpp

Great value in the fourth round and the player Wingenfield should have selected with the thirty-eighth pick. Ryan has plenty weapons around him to put up Aaron Rodgers type numbers and the Falcons are on the verge of an NFC Championship.

5th Round, forty-eighth pick – Beanie Wells: Team Williams (Cobb Salad)

Selecting an injury prone and frequent fumbling running back is never a good thing, and Wells being selecting inside the top 50 only adds to the risk of this selection, but with Beanie’s backup, Ryan Williams, being out for the season, Wells will have plenty of touches to prove he is worth this selection. Lucky for Williams, he already has Rice and Ahmad Bradshaw as his starting running backs so taking a risk on a potential starting flex player isn’t as bad as HAVING to play Wells because he is your only option.

6th Round, fifty-first pick – Felix Jones: Team Guidish

6th Round, fifty-second pick – Jeremy Maclin: Team Strahan

6th round, fifty-third pick – Percy Harvin: Team Williams (Cobb Salad)

Really liked al three picks. Guidish adds Jones, an explosive playmaker who is capable of producing at least one 3-touchdown game during the course of the season, and when listed alongside the players Guidish has already selected it looks even better. Both Maclin and Harvin were players I would have selected over my Anquan Boldin, who I ended up selecting with the fifty-fifth pick.

7th Round, sixty-third pick – Mark Ingram: Team Wingenfield

7th Round, sixty-fourth pick – Ryan Mathews: Team Osborne

The first pick I really like of Wingenfield. Ingram will be a talent. The Saints have spread out their carries between running backs over the years, but I think Ingram can be productive and slowly earn the majority of the carries by the end of the season…. Now with Mathews, a player I lived with last year that did absolutely nothing despite every prognosticator calling him a first round talent. My bad experience with Mathews didn’t turn Osborne off to selecting him in the seventh round, and if healthy, maybe he can live up to the first round hype of a year ago…. I just don’t think he will.

8th Round, seventy-first pick – Julio Jones: Team Guidish

Another pick I really like by Team Guidish. Through the first eight rounds I think it s safe to say that he has my favorite team on paper.

8th Round, seventy-sixth pick - Ben Roethlisberger: Team Galindo

Galindo attended the draft just long enough to select Eli Manning in the third round and then was gone, relying on auto-draft to complete his team. A ballsy move by one of the bravest fantasy competitors in recent memory, as time will tell if the move will pay off. One move that I don’t expect to pay off is Big Ben. Not because I don’t like Roethlisberger, I think Wingenfield would have been better off taking Ben back in the third round over Romo, but because this give Galindo three quarterbacks and last time I checked, you could only play one.

9th Round, eighty-third pick – Same Bradford: Team Wingenfield

I like Bradford…. But I’m rooting for Thaddeus Lewis to somehow become the number one quarterback for the Rams.

10th Round, ninety-first pick – Reggie Bush: Team Guidish

Damnit G!... Another selection I like, especially since it is the tenth round and Guidish keeps finding players that could potential put up huge fantast numbers. Through 10, G is the leader in the clubhouse.

11th Round, 106th pick – Matthew Stafford: Team Tomko

I think this is the point in the draft that my interest started to wane. Plus, a new episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm was starting… But I still got the backup quarterback I wanted. I think the Lions will be better than people think and Stafford has looked good this preseason (so obviously I don’t listen to my own advice about the preseason not meaning anything.)… Back to Curb. Amazing episode. It gave us the term, ‘shitbow’, Leon returns and Larry competing for the affections of a bi-sexual woman with Rosie O’Donnell.

12th Round, 114th pick – Ronnie Brown: Team Lumpp

Remember when Brown was the second overall pick in the 2005 NFL Draft? Me either.

14 Round, 134th pick- Kevin Kolb: Team Lumpp

I’m still not 100 percent sure how to say his last name… I should probably learn that.

15th Round, 143rd pick – Ricky Williams: Team Wingenfield

It’s like he wants me to keep making fun of his picks… well I’m not going to give in on this one.

16th Round, 152nd pick – Danny Woodhead: Team Strahan

“You want to see my Danny Woodhead. That’s not even a joke, I just think he is a good player.”