Friday, December 4, 2009

Around the sports world...

1. Ron Artest admitting he drank during the game as a Chicago Bull
"I used to drink Hennessy ... at halftime. I [kept it] in my locker. I'd just walk to the liquor store and get it."

No wonder the Bulls sucked so bad. Their best defender was liquored. How doesn't then head coach Tim Floyd not know about this. It wasn't like he was busy game-planing.

2. Notre Dame Athletic director Jack Swarbrick
"The unique circumstances surrounding our program at the current time prevent us from making the commitment required to compete in a bowl game."

What situation? That your embarrassed to be invited to a lesser bowl. That is the situation. It has nothing to do with firing your coach. Plenty of coaches have been let go after the season and still coached the team. The sad thing is that the players had a vote and the decision was still made that they will not accept an invite. As a player on the team how do you let that happen? As a senior how do you not want to play one more game. Most of you will never play football again. Have your egos been inflated that much simply because you attend Notre Dame? Do you feel entitled to something better? Oh wait, of course, this is Notre Dame I forgot... Do you know how many other schools would kill to go to any bowl game. It is a privilege to get to play in a bowl and it shouldn't be disrespected just because your not happy about what day of the year you will be playing it. I look at the Duke football team and they would do anything for the chance to play in any bowl. You probably won't find a team with a better attitude and better character than the Blue Devils. Too bad Duke can't take Notre Dame's place in a bowl. They certainly deserve it more simply because of their attitudes to the sport of football. They wouldn't turn down a chance to play one more game. Notre Dame shouldn't either.

3. Coach K responding to Doug Gottlieb calling Duke "alarming non-athletic"
"He should be an expert on alarming non-athletic. So I'll have to take a look at that a little bit closer because it comes from an expert who actually knows what it is like to be alarmingly non-athletic."

Great, great answer Coach. What does it say for the rest of college basketball if a top 10 team is alarming non-athletic.

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