Friday, October 9, 2009

Six Things...

Definition of Bitesies - To take a bite of someone's food. These are the six rules of bitesies in grand detail.

Six things you should know about… bitesies
Team 732

1. Bitesies shall be limited to one mouthful or fork/spoonful unless second bite permission is granted from the eating party.

2. Bitesies must be called before more than 2/3 of the food item in question has been consumed by the owner of said food item.

3. Steve doesn't participate in bitesies...ever
3(a). EVER!
3(b). Unless Pat just calls bitesies and takes a bite, in which case Steve unplugs the Xbox.

4. Unless approval is granted only one person may act on the right of bitesies per item of food.

5. If you call bitesies, you must be fully prepared to reciprocate the bitesies on your own food item.

6. Patrick Galindo has exclusive rights to Prima Bitesies (i.e. Mr. Galindo has first 'dibs' of bitesies on any food item being eaten by any of the roommates, in fact any one ever who is eating food). Also under this rule, the right of Prima Bitesies supersedes rules 1-4, ergo Patrick has the right to act on bitesies even after someone else has on any item of food, can bitesies the last bite of food, and there is no limit to the size of said bitesies.

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