Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Greatest Team Ever Is....

A question that is always posed and debated by the media and experts all around the country is which sports team is the greatest of all time. Who’s dynasty of championships can be regarded as the best of all time? Is it the Yankees? The Celtics? The Lakers? The Bulls? The Patriots or the Cowboys? If you think any of these are it you would be sadly misinformed. I answer no to all of these. There is one team that too few people know about. The lack of consideration for this team is irresponsible so I am here to set the record straight and make my statement on the greatest team ever…. TEAM 732.

Yes, Team 732. Who is this Team 732? Well, it is made up of five individuals and they called State College home. G, Pat, Steve, Zak and Tomko. They cam together for two years to form the greatest team anyone has been witnessed to, and I was part of it firsthand. The team come together fall 2006, but it was being formed well before that. G, Pat, Zak and Steve were Team 703 during 2005. I did not yet call State College home. I needed to prove myself by suffering through 2 hellacious years in Erie. I made trips through, battling the elements and proving myself each weekend I would make the drive to State College. There were ups and downs. I had to overcome a chimichanga scandal, but I came away from it unscathed and in the fall of 2006 Team 732 was formed. I started on the bench, having to pay the debt of costing us a balcony suite to accommodate my arrival but it was quickly established that we were a team to rival some of the greats. And after two years I feel like I can declare that we were the greatest team of all time, and have all now found continued success in our own personal endeavors. Here is a list of many of the things that we accomplished in just two short years. This is not everything, it would be impossible to document everything we achieved, but with some help from my teammates here is a collaborative lists and each person’s favorite accomplishments.

-Speed pong
-Late night sing-alongs
-Falling asleep playing smash brothers
-Watching the sun rise
-G puking
-Steve turning off the xbox
-A lot of movie watching
-Fines from AW sons
-Spider babe
-Hurtin bombs (a shot we created based on the movie Rocky Balboa)
-The recliner chair
-A lot of class skipping (If only we had a zip line)
-Waiting for out pet penguin to be delivered
-That girl that pissed in our bedroom
-A lot of broken things, including souls
-Marty being drunk
-2 a.m. screaming matches with Megan
-Zero to mesh shorts in the blink of an eye
-G puking some more
-Shutting down the studio
-Large piles of dishes left for weeks
-Ernie's remnants left for weeks
-Our awesome pile of Bell's pizza boxes
-Steve running the vacuum at 7 a.m.
-Major pwnge
-Shooting water balloons from the balcony
-Turning our apartment into a gym
-Whiffle ball
-Tony Danza
-Steve banging on the wall
-Vegetable oil
-The blender never being cleaned
-Big weekend breakfasts
-Steve tripping over xbox live
-Pat sneaking in other people's beds
-G drunk rolling off the island onto drawers
-Zak's musical selection
- Shot through the heart as pat lays next to a mirror
- Chimichangas
- Everyone ignoring Marty basically on queue
- Baller Genetics (the greatest mix CD ever)
- Tomko
- $250 dollars worth of groceries gone in 3 days
- Checking each other in the hallway
- Mr. Smell good
- Wonderboy being played an incredible amount of times
- Using the couch as a trampoline, then fixing it with a wood board
- Christmas lights year round
- Mandeesha and someone actually stealing Mandeesha off the fridge
Peace, and much love to ya.

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