Monday, August 10, 2009

Round 1

Why call a blog Shorts and a Hoodie? Well its simple. Every Friday during high school, no matter how cold, and trust me it got cold, we would wear gym shorts and a hoodie to school. Negative temperatures did not matter, a foot of snow did not matter. Shorts and a hoodie would be worn and worn proudly.... Now what is the purpose of this blog... I haven't thought that far ahead, usually don't, but hopefully I will put up some cool stuff. To start off I give you one of my favorite opening scenes of a movie. Its directed by one of my favorite filmmakers (Michael Mann, some of the shots are amazing looking, especially the ones outside), features the music of one of the greatest singers of his time (Sam Cooke, even though Sam Cooke isn't actually singing these versions of his songs they are still great especially the final one) and my favorite actor (Will Smith). I give you the opening scene to ALI... The Champ is here.

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  1. So is this where i am supposed to send all of my emails to everyone instead of through email?